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First event coming up May 27th 🎉 at the William Lutsky YMCA! Keep your eyes peeled 👀 and you might just see the tea…


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Strengthening Community

Cultivating Community: Building Community Gardens

We are excited that we will be helping steward a new community garden this year in the McCauley neighbourhood.  

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Jason’s story- Captain Community

Inspired by Jason’s true Heroic story of being a great neighbour and active citizen.

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Felix The Basketball Coach

Felix shows us what it is to be a great citizen.

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The Mural Story- Growing A Vibrant Collective Through Art and Celebration

The Mural Story – Growing A Vibrant Collective Through Art and Celebration

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Citizenship Perspectives From Streeters

Citizenship perspectives from streeters-  Interviews with Felix and Karen

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Sean’s story- The dedicated volunteer

Sean’s story – The Dedicated Volunteer

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