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Felix- “Get out there working in the community”

Felix citizenHow do you demonstrate being a good citizen?

“Help People out!”
How do you do that?
“I help kids with Basketball,I work with people in wheelchairs doing Basketball with them too”
“I volunteer with helping kids with crafts, and help push wheelchairs and go on outings”
What’s something you’ve accomplished that you are proud of?
“I went to Scotland & did some filming of people with disabilities to create a video”
What is one thing you’d like to say to others with disabilities?
“It’s hard to make friends, but get out there working in the community, getting a new job helps”
Check out Felix’s inspiring documentaries he has helped make  in this link
This Citizen Speak is brought to you by one of our community allies from the University of Alberta. Over the course of fall 2013, a University of Alberta Community Service-Learning student (Alexandra Brooker), set out to explore and document what people in Edmonton think being an engaged citizen means and how we can get better at it.