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Carrie’s Story – Larger than life: The passionate entrepreneur

Carrie takes the role of being an active Citizen very seriously.  She is particularly proud of working at Scotia Bank Theatre where she has been employed for over five years.  Carrie is also a very passionate entrepreneur and sells the crafts she makes at the Capilano Farmers Market every second Saturday.


How did it all begin?

Carrie has always loved making crafts.  When asked how she started her own business, she says she just started making lots of crafts and as they got better she knew she could go into business with her talent.

DSC06705Where does she find the time? 

Between her part time job at the movie theatre, her busy social life and working at the market every other Saturday, Carrie says she simply sets aside 2 hours each day to commit to making more items to sell at the market. In the last year she has been more specific with the stock that she brings to the market; her most popular items are her homemade jewelry and kids crafts. Carrie is also extremely flexible, if a customer wants a specific colored scarf and Carrie does not have one at the market that day, she will take requests and ensure that the scarf will be at the next market for the customer.

Circle of friends she has made through her passion

When asked if she would ever go to a different market, Carrie replies, “ No, this one’s the best, it’s not too big and not too small!”

Carrie's story- people with disabilities and their stories of engaged citizenshipIn the last year, Carrie has also grown as a person, becoming more interactive with clients and other vendors at the market. Since last fall Carrie has made quite a few friends at the Capilano Farmer’s Market, including Gertrude, Robert and Nellie. Carrie met Gertrude a few years back at the Capilano Mall for one of the markets. Over the years they have become good friends, seeing each other every other Saturday, always striking up a conversation. Robert is the interim manager of the market and Nellie is his wife. Nellie says that over the years, her husband and Carrie have developed a great relationship, Carrie buys eggs & vegetables from Nellie and her husband and every once in a while they will purchase, “little knick-knacks from her . . . it’s a win-win situation for myself and Carrie”, as Nellie puts it!

Carrie’s advice to other entrepreneurs 

“Start your business soon and start it yourself. That way you can be your own boss!”

A special thanks to everyone featured in the article; Cara & Roan, Gertrude and Nellie.


Many thanks to U of A Community Service-Learning student Stephanie Knott for interviewing and documenting Carrie’s inspiring story.