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Check out other inspiring stories of engaged citizenship that we’ve come across through our exploration of what being an engaged and inclusive citizen can mean.

Tyler’s Story – Lessons in Being Yourself & Finding Belonging Through Pro Wrestling

Big thanks to Mikey Hamm for helping document Tyler’s cool story of  just being himself and finding belonging in a Pro Wrestling club.

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Stellar Citizen Emily and the CommuniTEA Infusion project on Upworthy

Skills Society and Project Citizenship are really excited that the Telus documentary about the CommuniTEA Infusion project is going viral across the “internets” through Upworthy.

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Cultivating Community: Building Community Gardens

We are excited that we will be helping steward a new community garden this year in the McCauley neighbourhood.  

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Made By Brad- Young man with autism starts a creative business

Project Citizenship is excited to see this story emerge from the Edmonton community.  

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Exploring Citizenship and Disability Through The Eyes Of Artists

This great documentary, Through the Eyes of Artists (2005) follows a group of engaged citizens that explored disability and citizenship issues through art.

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Relating Good Quality of Life and The Habits of Happy People

Recently we came across the Huffpost article linked below where Psychologist Martin Seligman explores the habits of happy people. 

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