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Kourtney on being part of a collective

What does citizenship mean to you?
Being collectively connected to something!

How do you help people to become better engaged in their community?
I run hockey workshops. Hockey allows youth to learn life skills such as teamwork, leadership, dedication, time management and how to play fair.

How do you think people could be more welcoming to EVERYONE in their communities?
I think learning to respect others people’s opinions, beliefs, and values is a great start to experiencing other communities outside your own.

Community is the foundation of our lives, having a strong relationship with your community will build relationships that benefit both yourself, and others.

Community hockey collective


This Citizen Speak is brought to you by one of our community allies (Samantha Jackson)  who was taking a course on developing Citizenship and Community Connections for people with disabilities through the Excel Academy. Over the course of spring 2014, Samantha set out to explore and document what people in Edmonton think being an engaged citizen means and how we can get better at it.