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Lauren -A Sister, Student, Daughter, and Friend

Lauren met with us in her home. Together we talked about citizenship and belonging.

Who is Lauren?

Lauren is a sister, college student, daughter, and friend. She works part time at the Italian Centre Shop on 95th Street and is currently majoring in English at King’s College. This semester she is taking courses in social, dance, and history. Outside of school and work, Lauren volunteers at Festival Place, a theatre in her community. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys watching TV and movies (The Flash is one of her all-time favorites!), dancing, singing, bowling, and cheerleading.

What does belonging mean to you? In what communities do you belong?

“I would say definitely school. Sometimes we do like group discussions and that kind of stuff and I like to engage in conversation”.

“I would say at bowling. I get to hang out with some friends that have the same disability as me. I’ve always been on the same team, with me, Nicole, and Katie”


Read more about Lauren and her friend Nicole in their story—Someone to Catch you When you Fall: Friendship, A Piece of Citizenship. This Citizen Speak was brought to you by one of our community allies from RootEd. A local group aimed at facilitating meaningful connections amongst community members.

Signed Paige and Lynn -Citizen Explorers