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Made By Brad- Young man with autism starts a creative business

Project Citizenship is excited to see this story emerge from the Edmonton community.  One of the Project Citizenship leads (Ben Weinlick) helped connect Brad and his family with the videographer (Mike Hamm) and with the idea of turning his natural talents for making and building things into a small business.

Brad is 25 years old, and has autism. He can’t speak or read, but he has a knack for building things. He can understand any diagram or blueprint, no matter how complicated. For brad, putting together ikea furniture is as easy as putting together a lego set.

Brad’s dad, Mark, started this business so that Brad could do what he’s best at, feel a sense of accomplishment, and be an active part of the community.

The video came out over the holidays and is already beginning to gain international recognition through


Made By Brad Website