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Nicole -A Vibrant Community Member

Nicole met with us at her friend’s house. Together we talked about citizenship and belonging.

Who is Nicole?

Nicole is a vibrant, passionate young woman who takes great pride in her work at The Organic Box. She works at The Organic Box four days a week and takes her employment very seriously. She enjoys the variety her work offers. She has different roles in the mornings and afternoons. Also important to Nicole are her family and friends. She expressed the joy she gets from spending time with them and sharing common interests. Nicole shares her love of music, dance, and performing with the community through Zumba and cheerleading activities. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys keeping up with her favorite TV series The Flash.

What does belonging mean to you? In what communities do you belong?

“Mostly at work because I have friends there. We do potlucks and stuff too which is great.” Nicole enjoys the relationships she’s developed with her co-workers, visiting with them in the mornings, and participating in workplace celebrations such as staff work anniversaries and birthdays.


Read more about Nicole and her friend Lauren in their story—Someone to Catch you When you Fall: Friendship, A Piece of Citizenship. This Citizen Speak was brought to you by one of our community allies from RootEd. A local group aimed at facilitating meaningful connections amongst community members.

Signed Paige and Lynn -Citizen Explorers