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Video: Project Citizenship Creative Think Tank Process

We put this video under the Tips and Tools section of Project Citizenship because in many ways our think tank process is helping us to figure out fresh ways to support citizenship journeys.

In the video, Project Citizenship shares the unique creative problem solving processes they have been experimenting with over the last 3 years to help come up with ways to enhance the citizenship experience of people with disabilities. Some great successes and better quality of life outcomes for people with disabilities have come about as a result. Always learning and tweaking the process as we find what is working and not working, Project Citizenship explorers are breaking new ground around how to think differently about supporting marginalized populations in our communities.
In seeing the value of intersecting ideas and disciplines, social innovators at SKILLS Society are using processes from Design Thinking and creative problem solving worlds and applying them for good in the community development and social sector.

Further articles related to fostering relevant creativity in organizations can be found on Think Jar Collective which project citizenship lead, Ben Weinlick founded in 2011.

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