Supporting the exploration of Citizenship & Disability


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As we explore what supports meaningful citizenship for people with disabilities and beyond, we want to keep track of what we’re learning and share it so that these insights might help as you go out and build strong inclusive communities.

Check back to see what we’re learning through the project and also please share what you’re learning about inclusive citizenship in the comment sections.

Project Citizenship Learning Year 1

Project Citizenship

Wow! We can’t believe it’s already been a year of working on this exciting project.

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Creativity in Human Services With Dr. Michael Kendrick

Ben Weinlick interviews Dr. Michael Kendrick about what creativity in human services might look like and how to lead others towards relevant creative outcomes. 

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How to Make Project Citizenship Successful

SKILLS Society Leader and key player in Project Citizenship, John Macdonald talks about what has helped to capture citizenship stories. 

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World Cafe on Citizenship Oct. 2011

We had over 250 people attend the world cafe.  They were SKILLS Society staff, individuals we support, families, PDD staff, U of A CSL staff, U of A students and community members.

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Leona on Second Class Citizens

Leona on what it is like being treated like a second class citizen because of a disability.

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