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Little Italy Community Garden is Underway

Skills Society is happy to have received support from the Neighbourhood Revitalization Matching Fund to build a Community Garden in the “Little Italy” area of McCauley neighbourhood, just south of The Works office on 95th Street.

Year One will see Skills Society providing stewardship and person-power for the first bank of raised beds to get built. In the spring of Year Two, we will be looking to engage the citizens of McCauley in helping us build the second bank of 15 raised beds. By Year Three, we hope to see the garden in full bloom, being co-stewarded by Skills Society and the citizens of McCauley. The McCauley Community League is excited about and supportive of the project.

We are looking forward to helping beautify this large corner in Little Italy. We will be looking for as much help as we can muster, as the grant does not cover all costs. If you would like to help with any kind of donation of relevant goods, labour, or cash, we would be thrilled to accept your kindness.

Our inaugural build date on August 8 went very smoothly, and we are proud to have built four raised beds.

Follow the Little Italy Community Garden on Facebook to view photos and to receive notifications about upcoming build dates and other important information.

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