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Meet the artist who designed the Project Citizenship logo

Project Citizenship Logo Animation Project Citizenship Logo Animation Project Citizenship Art Exhibition

randy_stennesThrough Paul Freeman and Nina Haggerty Center for the Arts we were stoked to connect with Randy Stennes a couple years back who created the Project Citizenship Logo.  Randy is a serious artist who happens to have a disability. Almost every day Randy works on his art at the Nina Haggerty Art centre studio.

Randy’s Story

Randy was born in 1957. As family is important to Randy, he lives at home with his parents in Sherwood Park.

He is a prolific artist who likes to create pictures with two very different subject matter; scenes from programs he has seen on television or landscapes from memories and photographs. Randy typically works with pencil crayons but has recently begun experimenting in chalk and oil pastels. Some of his pictures are fanciful in nature with a bright imagination. Others are gentle landscapes complete with their own frame.

Showing his art is a special treat for Randy, there is a sense of pride in knowing that others enjoy what he creates. Randy says, “I draw all day. That’s what I like best to do. I draw at my Mom and Dad’s, I draw at the group home, I draw at the Centre. I have my own sketchbook. I draw all kinds of things, dinosaurs and dinosaurs being born, people, people holding up buildings, my ex-girlfriend Katie. Ideas come from my head and from photographs. I like to fill up the page. Two of my drawings were put on t-shirts.”

Randy has done a logo for the Heart of the City and Project Citizenship. His work is used for t-shirts, billboards, videos and set design. His Project Citizenship logo was also made in a mural on the side of the Nina Haggerty Center building on 118 ave.  You can see the video about making his logo into a mural in this link

If you would like buy any of Randy’s work or hire him to develop a logo for your brand or project contact Paul Freeman at the Nina Haggerty Center

In the gallery here you can see some pictures of Randy and Paul Freeman working on the logo animation which is at the beginning and end of all the Project Citizenship stories.

Below is the animation Paul and Randy made set to an old Ricky Nelson tune