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You will find quick updates, photos, exciting news, or anything else related to what is happening with Project Citizenship right here.

Stellar Citizen Emily and the CommuniTEA Infusion project on Upworthy

Skills Society and Project Citizenship are really excited that the Telus documentary about the CommuniTEA Infusion project is going viral across the “internets” through Upworthy.

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Project Citizenship nominated for a Yeggies award!

We are honoured to have been short listed for an Edmonton 2013 Yeggies award.

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Check out the new volunteering section of Project Citizenship

As part of the project’s mission is to build a vibrant collective committed to supporting the inclusion and engaged citizenship of people with disabilities, we need your ideas, creativity, and contributions.

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Project Citizenship Logo Animation

Project Citizenship Logo Animation Project Citizenship Logo Animation

Project Citizenship logo artist Randy and Paul Freeman working on the animation of the logo for the films for the gala on Sept 24th.

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New Project Citizenship Logo Animation

New Project Citizenship logo animation done by Randy Stennis, Paul Freeman and Ben Weinlick. 

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Captain Community Comic

We are really excited that SOS magazine donated an illustrator to make Jason’s story into a comic book. 

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