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These stories connect us as citizens. The medium of Story is in many ways the change agent we are engaging with to learn from, inspire and help community see that people with disabilities meaningfully contribute in unique ways everyday.

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Lauren -A Sister, Student, Daughter, and Friend


Lauren met with us in her home. Together we talked about citizenship and belonging.

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Nicole -A Vibrant Community Member


Nicole met with us at her friend’s house. Together we talked about citizenship and belonging.

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Ryan’s Story – A guy who loves Elvis and Karoake


Thanks to Mikey Hamm and a grant he received to help document cool stories of people with disabilities and their connections and contributions in community, this video was made possible.

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Alice and Lisa: The Dynamic Mother-Daughter Duo!


Alice and Lisa, met us in a coffee shop in their neighbourhood.

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Tyler’s Story – Lessons in Being Yourself & Finding Belonging Through Pro Wrestling

Big thanks to Mikey Hamm for helping document Tyler’s cool story of  just being himself and finding belonging in a Pro Wrestling club.

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Stellar Citizen Emily and the CommuniTEA Infusion project on Upworthy

CommuniTEA Infusion

Skills Society and Project Citizenship are really excited that the Telus documentary about the CommuniTEA Infusion project is going viral across the “internets” through Upworthy.

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Molly’s Story

Molly has been volunteering at the Garneau-University Early Learning Centre for several decades, and is loved by her coworkers and the children. 

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Carrie and Cory’s Story: A Young Couple in a New City


In early 2014, Carrie and her fiancé Cory moved from Fort McMurray to start a new life in Edmonton.

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U of A Pride Workshop

Bethany Caldow and Allison Beaudoin, two Education students at the University of Alberta, engaged in a community service-learning placement with Skills Society in the Winter 2015 semester.

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Quentin’s Story: The Power of Presence

Quentin is an exceptional young man who takes part in his community by attending programs and events (like drum circles and jam nights) at YOUCAN Edmonton.

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Little Italy Community Garden is Underway


Skills Society is happy to have received support from the Neighbourhood Revitalization Matching Fund to build a Community Garden in the “Little Italy” area of McCauley neighbourhood, just south of The Works office on 95th Street.

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Project Citizenship Wins 2014 Digital Alberta Award for Digital Philanthropy Innovation

We are honoured to announce that on July 19, 2014, Project Citizenship was  awarded the 2014 Digital Alberta Award for Digital Philanthropy Innovation!

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Making Our Mark Opening Reception at City Hall

On Sunday, June 22, the Making Our Mark exhibition held its opening reception at City Hall, as part of the 2014 Works Art & Design Festival.

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Lana’s Story- The Animal Rights Advocate

Animal Rights Advocate Lana

Lana has been volunteering at the Edmonton Humane Society since 2005, working mostly with dogs.

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Carrie’s Story – Larger than life: The passionate entrepreneur

Carrie's story- passionate entrepreneur

Carrie takes the role of being an active Citizen very seriously. 

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Scott’s Story- A Well Respected Man

Scott a well respected man

Over the course of fall 2013, University of Alberta Community Service-Learning student Jordan Sifeldeen, interviewed Scott and his allies about his inspiring story which was featured at the Project Citizenship SNAP show in 2012.

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Andrew’s Story- The Everywhere Man

Andrew’s story – The everywhere man.

The story of a man who is one of the great citizens of Edmonton

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Jason’s story- Captain Community

Inspired by Jason’s true Heroic story of being a great neighbour and active citizen.

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Felix The Basketball Coach

Felix shows us what it is to be a great citizen.

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Cheryl and John’s story- Working Together

The story of a couple who both have a disability and what they teach us about art, citizenship, relationships and working together.

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Felix of Project Citizenship made a mini doc about a disability art center in Scotland

Check out Felix’s new mini doc Project Ability that he made while on vacation in Scotland this past summer.

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Mike’s Story- Mr. Dependable

Inspiring story of Mike  who has a disability and has been an integral part of Crosstown motors in Edmonton for the last 40 years.

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Meet the artist who designed the Project Citizenship logo


Through Paul Freeman and Nina Haggerty Center for the Arts we were stoked to connect with Randy Stennes a couple years back who created the Project Citizenship Logo.  

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Devon’s Story- Entrepreneur animal advocate

Devon’s story is inspiring and shows what can happen when imagining better and learning about engaged citizenship with enthused others come together.  

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Petal’s Imagined Future

Petal’s story began to emerge as she engaged in imagining a desired future of her choosing.  

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Video of the Citizenship Art Exhibition at SNAP gallery

The story of the Project Citizenship Art Exhibition at the SNAP Gallery in Edmonton.

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Fantastic Days of Everything – Linda’s Story

Check out Linda’s new story that emerged from her exploration in the Citizen Action Hall this semester.

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Danielle’s story- The Animal Advocate

Inspiring story  made by U of A Community Service-Learning student Trisha Chow about Danielle and her long time citizenship contributions at the humane society.

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U of A Student stories- Their thoughts on Project Citizenship

Wow! U of A student thoughts on Project Citizenship.

We are super impressed with the video that University of Alberta Community Service- Learning student Zahin Chowdury made for Project Citizenship.

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The Mural Story- Growing A Vibrant Collective Through Art and Celebration

The Mural Story – Growing A Vibrant Collective Through Art and Celebration

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Chris’ story- The Optimist

Chris’ story- The optimist

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Citizenship Perspectives From Streeters

Citizenship perspectives from streeters-  Interviews with Felix and Karen

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Sean’s story- The dedicated volunteer

Sean’s story – The Dedicated Volunteer

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The CommuniTEA Infusion Story

People with disabilities building vibrant communities.

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Faith, Lisa and Cathy’s story- It’s Time We Had a Party

Faith, Lisa and Kathy’s story- It’s time we had a party.

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Eric’s Story – The Dedicated Employee

Eric’s story- The Dedicated Employee.

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Daniel’s Story – Drumming to His Own Beat

A story of connecting with others that share similar passions and finding belonging.

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Families in Action Award


David’s inspiring story that was written about in the Edmonton Journal.

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The Wise Elders story- Perspectives on Citizenship and Aging

University of Alberta Community Service-Learning students met with a group of inspiring seniors who have disabilities to discuss ideas around citizenship and aging.

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Wes’ Story: Giving Back To Youth With Disabilities

Documentary of Wes and his contributions in his Community at Little Bits Riding Club.

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Dave and Randy’s story- In tune

An example of citizenship, finding belonging and finding others that share one’s interests.

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