Supporting the exploration of Citizenship & Disability


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Reflections on Project Citizenship

Disability and Social Movements

One of our community allies from the University of Alberta Department of Anthropology, Associate Professor Kathleen Lowrey, wrote this article exploring the relationship between the disability rights movement and the social movements that have come before it.   Read more

Video: Project Citizenship Creative Think Tank Process

We put this video under the Tips and Tools section of Project Citizenship because in many ways our think tank process is helping us to figure out fresh ways to support citizenship journeys.

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The Power of Visual Stories

By Carmen Norris, MA

Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta _____________________________________________

What power do stories hold and what can they do for society?

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Citizen Think Tanks: Supporting Relevant Creativity In The Social Sector

In this video, Project Citizenship shares the unique creative problem solving processes they have been experimenting with over the last 3 years to help come up with ways to enhance the citizenship experience of people with disabilities.

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Animation made by U of A students about The Citizen Action Hall

Produced entirely by University of Alberta Community Service-Learning student Alicia Guennette and Hassina Fazli.

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Video of the Citizenship Art Exhibition at SNAP gallery

The story of the Project Citizenship Art Exhibition at the SNAP Gallery in Edmonton.

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